If there are any questions not answered on this website or in the brochure, or problems are encountered prior to registration, you can contact Clark Howells at, or Rachel Ellis at  If you have any questions/problems during the week please call Short Courses Chairperson, Clark Howells at (410) 206-3804 or email at

Attendance and Training Credit Hours Earned
The policy of the Short Courses Committee is that a student must attend at least 80% of the training (Short Courses final exams included in the total time).  All courses have been approved by the Maryland Board of Waterworks and Waste System Operators.  Also, 80% or better attendance along with a passing grade on the final examination, results in 1.5 times the full attendance credit.  Attendees with less than 80% attendance or superintendent attendees will receive a certificate of attendance with the actual hours attended.  The Short Courses Committee does not submit individual classes for TRE credits with the exception of the Superintendent Course.  Attendees have the option to submit classes for individual approval. 

Delaware Operator License Holders
Certified Delaware Operators can submit MDE
-approved courses for credit with Delaware.


Important information for all attendees! 
Because this year’s courses are being held virtually, it is vital that all attendees have a valid email address.  Emails will be sent to all registrants with links to their courses and so attendees may test their connections in advance of the actual training, resulting in less conflict at class time.  Class handouts will be forwarded prior to the training event.

Attendees must have a web cam so instructors can verify students are present during class. Those not present will not receive attendance credit for that portion of the training event. Code words will be periodically sent to students who must then respond via the chat function.