The Annual Short Courses for Water and Wastewater Operators is the joint effort of Water and Waste Operators Association of MD, DE, and DC; the Chesapeake Section, American Water Works Association; and the Chesapeake Water Environment Association.  We are firmly committed to advancing the knowledge of operators - the front line of every water utility.  ​You can learn more about our organizations by clicking on their names and linking to their websites.

In addition, we offer our sincere thanks to each instructor who is giving of their time and effort without monetary compensation to convey this beneficial information to the respective students.  Also, thanks to their employers who have allowed the instructors time to participate in the Short Courses.  You will find the names of instructors and  employers with the classes they are teaching.  

About Us

The Annual Short Courses is coordinated by a dedicated team of volunteers, who work year-round on this important training event:  

Chairperson:                         Jay Price (WWOA/CSAWWA), WSSC Water
Vice Chairperson:                 Rob Nally (CSAWWA), WSSC Water
Treasurer:                             Clark Howells (CWEA), Baltimore City DPW
Secretary/Assist Treas:        John Luu (CWEA), WSSC Water
Water Treatment:                 Rob Nally (CSAWWA), WSSC Water
                                             Rob Swann (CSAWWA), Anne Arundel County DPW
                                             Dinesh Bahadursingh (CSAWWA), WSSC Water
Water Distribution:              David Wilkins (CSAWWA), WSSC Water
                                            John Luu (CWEA), WSSC Water
Wastewater Treatment:       Rob Kraus, (WWOA), Anne Arundel County DPW
                                            Mike Marinelli, (CWEA), WSSC Water

Industrial Wastewater:       Bill Farrell (CWEA/WWOA/CSAWWA), MEI/RTS/Prostart
                                           Conrad Shows (WWOA), DCWater (Retired)
Wastewater Collection:      Wayne Reed (CWEA), ACE - Washington Aqueduct
                                           Licette Villafane (CSAWWA), WSSC Water
Superintendent:                 Winfield McKell (WWOA), WSSC Water  
                                           Michael Lewis (CSAWWA), WSSC Water
College Liaison:                  Jim Timmons (WWOA), Baltimore City DPW (Retired)
Admin. Coordinators:         Noelle Anuszkiewicz (CWEA), Anne Arundel County DPW
                                          Billy Dove, (CSAWWA), Baltimore City DPW
                                          Scott Harmon (CWEA/CSAWWA/WWOA), MD Rural Water
                                          Ivy Swann (WWOA), Anne Arundel County DPW
                                          Maia Tatinclaux (CWEA), RK&K