1. Before you Register:

    Gather all required information for each attendee being registered:
    a. Email Address
    b. Registration type: Member of WWOA, CSAWWA, CWEA, or Non-member
    c.  If a member, which organization? (WWOA, CSAWWA, CWEA)
    d.  Membership #
    e.  First Name, Last Name
    f.  Company/organization
    g.  Address
    h.  Work Phone
    i.  Gender
    j.  Emergency contact phone #
    k.  Payment type: Credit card, check, or scholarship winner
    l.  If attendee plans to arrive on Sunday
    m.  If attendee plans to attend the Sunday buffet
    n.  Which course you the attendee plans to attend: i.e. Introduction to Water, Water 3&4,

         Advanced Water, Water Distribution, Advanced Water Distribution, Introduction/

         Intermediate Wastewater, Advanced Wastewater, Industrial Wastewater, Wastewater

         Collection, or Superintendent
    o.  Type of registration (Full week w/room & board, full week w/o room & board, or single day)
    p.  Credit card information (if using credit card for payment)

2.  Connect to our online registration system by clicking on the Registration button above

3.  Complete individual or group registrations
4.  Pay – Use check or credit card payment online.  See Pricing page for more info.
5.  Print your invoice – no invoice will be mailed to you!