Conduct of Participants: Undesirable conduct will not be tolerated and will result in your removal from the site by campus police without refund.  Notification to your employer and the cause for removal will follow.  Anyone found unduly under the influence of alcohol, anyone found buying, selling, consuming, or possessing illegal narcotics and drugs will be required to leave this year’s Short Course immediately and will be banned from all future Short Courses. 

Attendance and Training Credit Hours Earned: A student must attend at least 80% of the training (Short Course examination being included in the total time – the State examination does not count as class attendance) to receive credit for full attendance.  Also, 80% or better attendance along with a passing grade on the final examination, results in 1.5 times the full attendance credit.  Attendees with less than 80% attendance or single day attendees will receive a certificate of attendance with the actual hours attended. 

Room Keys: Overnight students must provide a refundable $10 cash deposit at check-in to receive their room key.  Students who lose their key will be billed $60

Parking: Please observe all parking restrictions at the college.  All vehicles improperly parked on grass or prohibited areas will be given a ticket or towed.  Short Course participants are only authorized to park in lots 7, 8, and 10!

Smoking: Smoking and/or vaping is prohibited in all college buildings including residential halls, and outdoors within 15 feet of all college buildings.  Violations may result in fines which will be the responsibility of the person smoking.  Repeat violations may result in the loss of campus housing and/or campus visitation privileges.   

MDE Certification Exam:  Registration for Short Courses does NOT automatically register you for the MDE Certification Exam.  CLICK HEREfor more information about signing up for the MDE Certification Exam.

​Complete information on all Do's and Don'ts is found in the Short Courses Program. 

CLICK HEREto download the full Program.