Industrial waste treatment

The Industrial Waste Treatment Course is designed to cover a broad range of topics in the field.  Review sessions for safety and chemistry are provided.  The technology discussed will apply for both direct industrial waste dischargers and indirect dischargers to Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs).  The sessions during the first three days concentrate on chemical/physical processes and topics of general applicability.  Thursday’s class focuses on biological treatment processes to address training requirements for Industrial Wastewater Works and Pretreatment Plants of Class 4, Biological Lagoons, and Class 5, Activated Sludge.  Topics include:

-  Overview of Municipal/Industrial Pretreatment, Local Limit Development, Monitoring

    Requirements and Compliance Enforcement
-  Overview of the Operator Certification Program Requirements
-  Prevention & Response to Violations
-  Review of Days Topics – Ed Williams – Harford County DPW
-  Chemical Feed
-  Pumps
-  Disinfection
-  Metals Precipitation
-  Safety – MSDS and LOTO
-  Principles of Biological Treatment
-  Anaerobic Treatment Processes
-  Aerobic Treatment I
-  Fixed Film Systems
-  Sludge Handling & Disposal